Where human stories shape the future

Advancing a global conversation about science tech and humanity through film and storytelling.

Tomorrow Life explores the implications of scientific and technological advancement to the future of humanity with a goal to promote empathetic connection on a global scale. This novel public engagement is supported by university initiatives, grant and philanthropy money and powered by Filmstacker technology.

Financial Support

Pittsburgh Liver Research Center
University of Arizona
University of Pittsburgh
Arizona State University


Closing the Communication Gap

Core Values

To facilitate this global conversation, we encompass key elements that are tailored to address the current needs for safe and effective communication in an online creative space.

  • Accuracy by Design

    Content is vetted by experts before it is shared with the public, we call this built-in moderation.

  • Visual Storytelling

    Stories are the core of human life experiences and film is an effective medium to communicate because it taps into our emotions.

  • Creative Engagement

    Humans are social creatures who need to connect and creativity builds social engagement.

  • Cultural Collaboration

    International collaboration promotes empathetic communication as it broadens our perspectives.

  • Active Learning

    Promotes learning by actively creating a story narrative with professional filmmakers on a focused topic with experts.

how it works

Connecting global experts, stakeholders, students, and filmmakers around a single topic to document conversations that are made into vetted stories. The public is invited to infuse the stories with their own cultural narrative before being amplified by impact partners.


  • Yearly Focus Area

    Revolutionary technologies related to the future of humanity, such as gene editing, COVID-19, and techlash are chosen as an area of focus, one topic per year, to harness an abundance of diverse conversations.

  • Team of Experts & Students

    International subject matter experts, students, and stakeholders discuss social, ethical, and regulatory implications surrounding the topic. Along the way, students are mentored by experts.

  • Filmmakers at Filmschools

    Partnering with film schools, an aspiring filmmaker documents their conversations. After filming, the footage it is edited into short clips.

  • Vetted Stories are Made

    The short clips are uploaded into Filmstacker. Together the team makes dozens of short films that are vetted by the experts. The filmmaker helps the team craft their stories.

  • Public Engagement

    The international community is invited to explore, watch, and make their own short films. Building from films made by others, they can add their voice by translating the narratives into culturally and locally relevant stories and share their film.

  • Impact Partners Amplify

    The reach of Tomorrow Life will expand into classrooms around the world, have a greater presence online and in the media, and develop to enrich more lives through the support of impact partners.